Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Project Linus - Toddler teddy bear quilt

On April 23rd I attended Brandon's first Project Linus quilting bee. The organizers had no idea how many people would come. Much to everyone's delight 40 plus volunteers showed up to piece, iron, quilt, croquet and tie fleece blankets. I took my old Singer Rocketeer sewing machine and selected teddy bears with blue sashing.  I finished the piecing at the workshop.  At home I added a ribbons and a border.
The free motion quilting designs are loop de loop in the teddy bear blocks.
Spirals on the blue sashing and heart shaped leaves in the border.  I used Lisa Yarost's binding tutorial.
The binding is only two inches wide and was applied with a Bernina #71 Flat Fell foot size 8 mm.
This was a quick fun quilt to make.  Happy stitching.

Thursday, April 21, 2016

Fairies & Daisies toddler quilt

Toddler quilts are so much fun!  This fairy quilt was designed using Electric Quilt 7 software.
It was pieced on an old Bernina 930 sewing machine.
 Stitching the four patches.
 The fabric is 100% cotton, the fairies have sparkles!
The fairy blocks are 10.5 inches so this quilt goes together really quickly. 
The green and orange fabrics make the fairy blocks pop!
The ribbons are basted on the sashing then the outside orange border was stitched and overlocked.
The seam was pressed to the border side and zig zagged stitched flat.
 The rest of the seams were pressed open and flat.
Hand drawn daisies.
With a dark Sharpie marker I traced the daisy on tulle in an embroidery hoop. Using a purple fade away marker the design was transferred to the pink fabric blocks and free motion quilted.
The quilting designs are easier to see on the backside.
 Daisy flannel back.
I used the free motion quilting designs: daisies, heart-shaped leaves, loop d loop, butterflies and spirals.
 The binding has a decorative star design. 
Happy stitching all.

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Levi's toddler play quilt and big sibling presents.

 Levi's veggie tale quilt finished February 2016.
 This quilt was designed using Electric Quilt 7 software. 
All the fabric and the batting are 100% cotton.  The attached ribbons for Levi to play with are 100% polyester.  The ribbons were basted unto the outside edge of the sashing, then outside border was pieced with a 1/4" seam allowance.  That seam allowance was serged, then the seam allowance was sewn flat to outside border using a zig zag stitch.  The only way those ribbons will come out is if they are cut off.
The veggie tale blocks were free motion quilted with jesters' hats and light blue sashing with heart-shaped leaves. Outside border matches the quilt back, the free motion quilting design is spirals.
 Levi's quilt was gift-wrapped in a matching toy/book bag.
Levi is my great nephew and the youngest of three.  I made his big sister Gillian a strawberry shortcake tutu cute quilt, reversible toddler cape and a tutu.
 And his big brother Seth (3.5 years) a zoo animal quilt and a magician's cape! 
The cape pattern (unlined) is Simplicity 2571.  To line the cape, cut two (outside & lining fabric) front sides and back.  Eliminate facing, make, then attach collar & ties, then pin cape with right sides together and stitch leaving an opening at the bottom for turning.  Clip all the curves and corners.  Turn cape right side out and top stitch very close to the edge around entire cap which closes the opening.
Earlier this week I received a lovely thank you from my niece: "Oh my goodness Tammy we got your package in the mail and the kids are beside themselves!! Thank you so much!! I missed my chance to take a picture of Levi for you because I opened up his blanket and it was still folded in half and the little dickens sat right down in the middle of it and wouldn't budge to let me open it all the way!! It was like he knew it was for him!!! He had the most smug look on his face and I just laughed and tried to figure out how I could run and get my camera without him moving!! (which did not work... poo!) Seth is in love with the magicians cape and cried when Joel made him put it away at clean up time before dinner. And of course Gillian loves the princess tutu... because it is a princess tutu!!! Joel's parents were here for a visit this week and I had to brag a bit about my amazingly talented auntie and her beautiful sewing works and show off the new treasures that you had sent (the other quilts are easy to show off because they are on the kids beds!!) Thank you so much for your gorgeous presents for each child!! I feel so blessed because all of the kids quilts are so beautifully done and they are perfect for kids because they are bigger than the baby size (which they outgrow so fast!!) and yet still not so huge that they can't be easily dragged around and made into tents and "picnic blankets" and other props for make-believe!! (Which my kids seriously do ALL THE TIME with them!!) And thank you for the super cool cape and tutu... they are really impressive and the colours are gorgeous!! (The cape LOOKS like it is magic!!!) Thank you so so so so so much!!! I will try to send you some pictures of Tammy-gifts being loved!!"
And true to her word the photos:
Their mother writes: "Gillian in her princess tutu. Seth is a magician with a cowboy hat and princess high heels... Not the combo I would have thought of myself!! (And I thought you'd enjoy what they did to their little brother!! Poor Levi!! Lol"
 He makes a fine princess.
 The chidren's photos were published here with mom's permission.